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Installers on the Go has a reputation for excellent customer service by delivering quick turnaround times

So, if you are needing a helping hand to install your fencing look no further than the trusted name Installers on the go adhere to high standards and a quality policy that ensures our team of tradesman work to Perth highest standards

We provide a 1st class fencing installation service to:




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Train in top-notch facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, providing an immersive and safe environment for honing your fencing prowess.

20+ Years Experience

Effective Communication

Project Management

Fast Delivery

Quality Tradesman

Star Workmanship


 The Team at Installers On The Go did an exceptional job with my gates and truly appreciate the extra mile they went to source the exact colour and profile to match them with my boundary fences. Would definitely recommend  this company. 


Thank you so much the team at Installers On The Go . A pleasure to deal with and absolutely brilliant job. Would recommend them to anyone!

Michael R

 The Team at Installers On The Go  did a great job , we are really pleased with the result.

Neil V

Our Process

Precision at Speed

Using state of the art technology we are able to provide accurate and excellent written QUOTATIONS within very short timeframes.

Efficiency Redefined

Upon acceptance of our Quotes we request a PLAN of the proposed works – or we are able to prepare something if required.

Instant Quotes

A clear BRIEF is confirmed with our Client and every aspect of the Project is discussed.

Rapid Responses

We carry out a SITE INSPECTION to identify any potential hazards or issues that may affect work flow or safety.

Next-Level Quoting

An ON THE GO INSTALLER is notified of the job and given site specific details, plans and specifications.

Tech-Enabled Quoting

A SECOND SITE VISIT is undertaken during Installation to confirm that the job is being carried out to the high standards that we demand and all according to the plans and specifications. Any discrepancies are immediately rectified.

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Types of Fencing

Colorbond Fence

Garrison Fence

Pickett Fence

Modular Fence

Slats Fence

Tubular Pool Fence

Glass Pool Fence